Adopt an Object at Pickford's House


You can champion your personal favourite Pickford’s House hero by adopting it for a year, or adopting it on the behalf of a loved one.

As a Pickford’s House adopter you will receive:

  • An old fashioned luggage tag with a name of your choice, placed on the object at Pickford's House.
  • The opportunity to visit your adopted object anytime Pickford’s House is open, and go behind the velvet ropes.

By adopting an object, you will be supporting the funding of family activities in the museum and the conservation of our collections, ensuring that Derby Museums continues to be an inspiring place for everyone.

£30 supports an hour of specialist conservation on the many thousands of historically important objects in the collections, preserving them for generations to come.

£50 keeps a precious manuscript/piece of literature safe, supported (and comfy!) on its very own book pillow.

£75 will keep that silver gleaming in the dining room by paying for more Renaissance Wax.

£100 can help subsidise a school visit. 

£150 could pay for 8 sheets of plastazote, a specialist cushioning foam vital to the protection of precious artefacts during conservation.

£250 pays for a specialist assessment of an object and conservation work such as rebinding a deteriorating book.

If you don’t see your favourite object on the list and you'd like to adopt one that isn't listed, or would like to find out more, get in touch, and we can see what we can do.  

Please allow up to 14 days to receive your adoption certificate. 

Please add the name of your choice which will be displayed on the luggage tag at Pickford's House in the 'add a note to your order' section when you review your basket before checkout. 

If you are Adopting an Object as a gift, please add the recipient’s name in the 'add a note to your order' section when reviewing your basket before checkout. We will then send the certificate out to you with their name on it, which you can give to them as a present. 

We would love to know what prompted you to make a donation in support of our work. Please let us know in the notes section when checking out. 


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